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Friday, July 31, 2009

Session Vs Application Variable

Session Variables are those variable which only available to a single user. They are used to store/display single user information on website.

Application Variables are common to all user. These variables are used to configure application settings/other stuff.

Please read article, if you want to know more about Session.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

User Interface

User Interface (UI) is one of the major component of any user application. If UI is easy to understand then application also become more usable. I am impressed with Google's concept of application front end. They strictly follow KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid).

Anyways, Microsoft is also trying to create simplified UI like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and adopting XAML format.

It seems that XML is not limited to structured data but also contributing in structured Interface designing. Here I would like to explain you that HTML and XAML are actually follow XML syntax rules.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here is very good .Net Open Source Project called SubForum, initiated by Adnan Ahmad and Phillip Jacobs. Following are few details from the official website of SubForum.

Project Description
SubForum is a forum software built from scratch using ASP.NET MVC and AJAX to provide a rich Web 2.0 look and feel to a forum. The features include Search engine friendly URLs, Tags, Rich UI experience, and more.

live demo

SubForum is a combination of a Forum, QA Site, Blog, Wiki, ScreenCast, and DIGG. The Forum can be used to launch a website on any particular topic and the users should be able to browse all the content related to the topic in the form of Discussions, Question and Answers, links to other blogs, etc. It will provide rich content site for any site owner targeting to run a site for their product or idea.

The UI will be much richer than the traditional forum sites where there is a Category, and then discussions or threads within a category. In SubForum users can post discussions or comments and provide Tags that will help searchers narrow down the posts by tags instead of categories only.

The forum will be Web 2.0 friendly. That means it will have search engine friendly URLs, logins for different login providers, Avatars, OpenID, etc. It will also have an easy to customize site layout that developers and designers can build against easily. The use of AJAX and jQuery will be used to provide a rich user interface for readers and posters and admins.

In summary SubForum will be a complete .NET based open source forum for anyone to use, beginning with .NET developers.
I am also keeping my eye on it and do my best. This project will allow me to learn new things, such as MVC.

You can download the latest code from and contribute to project.